Is there a fee for using Birthright’s services?

No, our services are completely free. We are funded by donations from members of the community.

Do I need to make an appointment before coming in?

No, it is not necessary to make an appointment. However, it may be helpful to call the office first so that our volunteers can better prepare for your visit by gathering information or ensuring we have the requested materials on hand.

How can Birthright help me if I am facing an unplanned pregnancy?

We offer a variety of services such as pregnancy tests, referrals to adoption agencies, referrals for assistance with paying rent or obtaining baby equipment, confidential conversation, help with creating a plan through the pregnancy and beyond, and providing diapers.

Who are the volunteers at Birthright of Winona?

Our volunteers range from college age women to those that have been with Birthright for over 40 years. We come from a variety of different backgrounds. Some have gone through unplanned pregnancies themselves. Some have adopted children. Many have years of experience with pregnancy and babies after raising their own children. All of our volunteers are involved with Birthright because we want to help you.

How is Birthright different from a medical clinic?

The essence of Birthright is love and we are here to help women carry their child to term. We are not involved with birth control, STD testing, or abortions. We are run solely by volunteers, not medical professionals. We offer non-judgmental, emotional support and assist with providing practical resources.